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Book Reviews: Aged Care

Counselling and Psychotherapy with Older People in Care: A Support Guide by Felicity Chapman

An innovative psychological model with case studies described through an empowering second person voice. Includes a chapter on self-care for the clinician and covers a range of issues that arise within this demographic while appreciating the larger social and political frameworks. An engaging text that is academically sound but easy to read.

"Immensely helpful. I work with people in residential aged care facilities as a provisional psychologist and thankfully Felicity's book provided the guidance that university did not!" (Sue)

"This book is such an important piece of writing in the field. Full of deep insight and written in such a clear and approachable way." (Anna)

"All I can say is WOW! An amazing representation of the work that we are doing in the Resi Aged Care Facilities in our area." (Michelle)

"The best thing about this book is that it examines and describes the Australian experience in detail... It looks at funding discrepancies and obstacles to psychological care for older people, dictated by the health care system... It dispels the myth that depression is a natural part of ageing and there's really nothing you can do about it..."(Gillian Guthrie)

"This will be a significant text for years to come for any aspiring or experienced practitioner in the field.It is written in a warm, engaging and accessible style, covering the essential knowledge and skills required for any counsellor working with older people. Importantly it confronts the barriers to engagement, both on an individual and societal level..." (Vittorio Cintio, former National President of the AASW)

"Small but powerful. I’m nowhere close to fully absorbing all of her wisdom and experience, but I know that every minute I spend reading the book brings me a little closer to being a more effective senior helper/counselor." (P.Kay)

"As a recently graduated Master of Social Work student, and currently working with older people, I found Felicity's manual to be invaluable... This is a great resource for people working with older adults." (Kellie Mac)

"What makes this book a leader of its kind is the easy manner in which it can be read. The structure is clear to follow and the language straightforward. It is obvious Felicity Chapman is an expert in her field and this helps the reader to feel confident of the content." (Diane)

"'Counselling and Psychotherapy with Older People in Care' is written for counsellors, psychologists and social workers as a guide to working effectively with people living in residential care..." (Catherine Andrew)

"A comprehensive guide to working in this complex, specialist field that takes a deeply respectful, collaborative and empowering approach..." (Sarah Baker)

"The fact that the book is intended to be person centered and not based on a medical model, calling for the re-evaluating of how we work with the elderly, was like a breath of fresh air... As a trained psychotherapist I would recommend this book to any person working in aged care." (Anna)

"The illuminating personal stories of the elderly and the meticulous unpacking of work within residential care systems are written with rigor, elegance and humor and makes for compelling reading. Her book is a must-read guide!" (Shona Russell, full review inside book)

"[This book] includes a neat list of five forms of ageism or disempowering attitudes, building senior-friendly care systems, and self-care for the psychotherapist...I could not help but be impressed by the way she looks at all aspects of the person, which is something we espouse in palliative care. I was also impressed by her down-to-earth approach to assessments, interventions, and the goals of care... you will enjoy this book." (Dr Roger Woodruff)

"An excellent resource, a great contribution to the field and a helpful professional support guide for counsellors and psychotherapists and carers... a joyful and hopeful contribution to the field... it
seamlessly and lovingly describes the possibilities for creating magic for older people in
care." (Dr Di Stow)

- Australasian Journal on Ageing -

2019 Book Award Nominee

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