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Book Reviews: Novel

Connected the novel by Felicity Chapman

Above a busy café in central Melbourne an event takes place that dramatically affects the lives of two women: Lisa and Michelle. The secret that they discover rocks them to the core and takes them each on a path of discovery. But despite their polar opposite backgrounds they are both feeling haunted: one by a wealthy and controlling father, the other by a traumatic past and an addiction to illicit liaisons. Will what has been revealed to them be a blessing or a curse as they try and forge ahead to overcome their inner demons? Are they able to help each other weather adversity, and what larger issues are at stake if their unity is destroyed?

"Hooked me in and made me cry." (Tara)

"It's a fun read with deep themes running strong." (Anonymous)

"Uplifting relationship drama. A believable story with rich, real characters and intertwined relationships. Lets you see the world through their eyes. Well written and easy to read." (Anonymous)

"Sensual and captivating." (Gillian Guthrie, full review inside book)

- Kingdom of Ironfest Australia -

2017 Book Competition Winner

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